Save Alternative

S*ALT Radio poll is ending soon -- we need your help!

Tumblrs, if you’re reading this, we need your help!

As a recap, we’re in the running to become a Save Alternative featured artist, but the poll is ending very soon and we need your vote for our track “Fairy Tale.” It takes literally one second to vote—no sign-ups or anything. Check out the other three bands too. They’re swell! 

S*ALT Radio Poll- Support Cartoon Bar Fight!

Tumblrs! Stop tumbling for a sec and check this out!

Our song “Fairy Tale” is up for voting at If we receive the most votes, we can be a S*ALT artist of the month and receive radio airplay at the coolest station in the Bay Area. 

If you want to support us, go to and check it out. If you fancy our track the best, cast your vote. We have no idea when the voting ends, so run quickly!