KSJS 90.5 fm

RSVP to the facebook event if you’re planning on listening to us LIVE tomorrow morning on 90.5 fm in the Bay Area, or get the live stream at ksjs.org!

We’re  being featured on their “Daydreaming Disaster” radio show, which you can check out here From their page:

Every Wednesday from 10am to 2pm Bobby Leiva transmits music using the 90.5 FM frequency. The music often includes electric and acoustic guitars, and fluctuates in style rapidly.It can range from mellow, loud, heavy, uplifting, depressing, to disturbing. A good portion of the music that is played derives from the San Francisco Bay Area. If this does not interest you so far, please check out this list of 16 other reasons why you should listen to the show:

1. It is safe for the environment
2. It will tickle your soul
3. It is made from the finest stuff on Earth
4. It is a weekly masterpiece
5. It is low in calories.
6. You will get to hear Tom Waits
7. It will make you more popular
8. It will make your grandparents proud
9. It looks good on your resume.
10. You will get to hear Megadeth
11. It will make you run faster
12. It will consolidate your debt
13. It will help you to build leadership skills
14. Tupac once said “Daydreaming Disaster is going to be my favorite radio show”
15. There are no hidden fees
16. There are no side effects