Welcome one and all to the launch of our new website. Lots of great stuff has been going down, and we wanted a nice new platform upon which to share it with you!

To begin, here’s a recap of what’s been happening over the past couple of months:

Lots of good news. Two new shows are posted, and we have two new members— welcome to Joel on guitar and Maxwell on bass! Joel made his debut with us on 9/4 at Santana Row, and Max will join us live for the first time on 10/1 at the Burlingame High School Relay for Life. Super lucky right now.

We made it—thank you to everyone who supported us on Kickstarter: Anne Christie, Aaron Cox, Ben Dedrick, Julie Barnes, Susana Gallardo, Hilari Scarl, Evan Duncan, Samantha Robinson, Lyndsey Wilson, Chris Cary, Eric Snow, Michael Luce, Ryan, Brandon Okada, Debbie Parker  Barbara, Joe and Derek Sallay, and Rachel and Bob Milotz. You all rule!

Thanks to you, our EP will be out mid-November. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to fill out the survey we sent you so we can mail you the goods.

We are in the midst of our Kickstarter project to fund our debut “Tell All the Children EP.”

The five (possibly six) tracks are nearly recorded, the album art has been arranged by the fantastically talented Terry Fan (see some of his work here), and we have picked our mastering company. All that’s left is the funding. And that’s why we began a Kickstarter—it’s an internet pledge-based fundraising platform for creative projects like recording albums, writing books, making films, you name it!

Here’s how Kickstarter works:

1. Visit our Kickstarter link
2. Read about our “Tell All the Children EP”
3. Decide on an amount to donate and fill in your payment info

Your funds at this point are simply a “pledge” and you won’t be charged right away—we won’t actually receive any money unless we hit the project goal of $550.00 within 35 days, which is the minimum amount needed to fund the EP. If we make more than that, the money will go to more copies of the CD or it will be held specifically for our full-length album (also in the works).

Thanks for your support.


So, there you have it…you’re now pretty much up to date. Other than all that, we are (painstakingly) knocking out the remaining tracks for the EP. Cross your fingers that it’s done by mid-November. We should soon be planning a smashing EP Release show, so be on the lookout.