album release

I posted this on FB this morning, buuuuuut…

Hello you guys. I am a sentimental fuck and went to sleep last night with tears of joy in my eyes after our release show. To everyone who came to that show to support us last night, helped promote it, hosted it, and got our new album— I appreciate you and love you. We wouldn’t be anything at all without you. Thank you so incredibly much for being there for me and us and for helping us along. Our next stop is Decemeber 28th at the new San Jose Rock Shop with Picture Atlantic and French Cassettes. I hope to see you soon. Love, Kendall : )


A friend reported that about 120 people showed up during last night’s show, AND STAYED for the whole thing. That tells me that our music scene in San Jose is alive and kicking major ass. Let’s keep this up and continue supporting each other. <3

Here’s a video of our closing song, “Reincarnate,” courtesy of our buddies at Local Bay Area music.

Broken Audio Reviews: Cartoon Bar Fight - Reincarnate

Thanks to our pal Frank over at Broken Audio for the kind review!


After five years as a band, the indie-folk outfit Cartoon Bar Fight has released their debut LP titled Reincarnate; the follow up for their 2011 EP, Tell All The Children.

With Reincarnate, CBF has evolved their sound to a brand new level. Their EP was mostly an effort between…

Digital Release Today | Reincarnate

Dear ones,

We’ve decided to put our brand new album, “Reincarnate,” up on Bandcamp today so you can have a listen before our release party this Friday at Art Boutiki (downtown San Jose). We hope you’ll like it.