Design Cartoon Bar Fight's Official Logo!



DETAILS: We desperately need an official logo. Something really simple but unique and really memorable that sets the mood for our tunes— something we can proudly plaster everywhere (including on our drum head) as we prepare for an album release tour at the end of the summer.

If you have time to do this, feel free to submit any logo you come up with that you think reflects us. We will compile the submissions and have anonymous voting on our band facebook!

I was thinking it might be cool to have a logo designed around the themes in our song “A Flower in Space.” Envision like a glowing moon or planet with a single flower growing out of it. Cool?

Otherwise, some recurring themes in our music include: dreams, childhood, outer space, death, flowers, and the environment. Woo!

Logo may or may not include our band name!

RSVP if you feel interested and we’ll seriously love you forever. Whoever we pick will get art credit on our website and inside our album, free CBF albums for life, and a $30 giftcard to the local record store of your choice. All other submissions will be proudly displayed on our website, too, so no hard feelin’s. :)

Weee thanks!

Facebook RSVP and share here!